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Natural Connections

The Natural Connections Demonstration Project is an initiative funded by Natural England, DEFRA and English Heritage, which Plymouth University were awarded the contract to deliver. It is one of the largest outdoor learning projects in the UK and will involve around 200 schools and between 200-500 volunteers. The project operates at a local, school-led level, in ‘hubs’ across the South…

Circle of Life

Circle of Life provides nature-based experiences that are “educational, fun and life-changing!”  for schools or families in woodlands.  Since 2004, it has been working to reconnect people from all backgrounds and ages to rediscover the natural world.  Its Summer training days are listed here, its summer camps here, and details of forest school training here.  

An ambivalence of zoos

What do you think about zoos?  If you’re ambivalent about their message and morality, then you might find Gordon Eaglesham’s blog a useful aid to your thinking, and that of your students.  The post refers to Chris Packham’s recent article on zoos and their role in conservation, for the BBC Wildlife magazine.  This is as honest…

Empty Classroom Day

June 19th is Empty Classroom Day.  Where will you be?  Will you be joining schools and organisations across the UK to celebrate outdoor learning.  Will you spend a lesson outside, or do more?  You can sign up your school, here, to be part of it and to hear news in the run up to the day.  

Keep up with LEEF in London

LEEF is a network for London’s most innovative and passionate urban Environmental Educators.  You can catch up with their latest activities here.  Contact Anna Portch [ ] if you want to keep in touch with what they do, including information about their four new Fellows: Beth Barbara, Lucy Gijsen, Melissa Rose, and Melissa Glackin.

Learning for Sustainable Futures in Cheltenham

This Wednesday, June 10th, the University of Gloucestershire is hosting the 2015 Learning for Sustainable Futures event which is focusing on student experience. It features new projects in Accountancy, Fine Art, Business, Fashion, Sports Placements and Libraries, as well as an interactive panel discussion about how to engage students in sustainability through social enterprise, placements and…

Panorama looks at GM foods

Monday’s BBC Panorama programma will address the issue of GM technology and food.  The theme is: A new generation of GM foods is winning over governments and former critics of the technology, and scientists say the crops could help feed people in the developing world. So are those who oppose GM doing more harm than good? And…