NAEE is UK charity that is run by its members and volunteers who care passionately about environmental education.

Since the 1960s, NAEE has been helping teachers and schools introduce environmental issues to young people.  When we started out, concerns about the environmental issues we faced – for example, species and habitat loss, pollution, resource depletion – were just beginning.  50 years on, most of those concerns are still with us and the grim reality of rapid climate change has been added to them.  Schools are now widely seen as key institutions to help prepare young people for the environmental and sustainability challenges they will face as adults, and young people themselves are calling for more environmental education, particularly about the climate and ecological issues.  The curriculum, however, remains inadequate to this task.

NAEE provides bursaries to schools to enable students to explore environmental issues in field study centres, we create curriculum resources and reports for use in schools, we publish a termly journal in which teachers share their practice with others, and we work with like-minded organisations to argue for curriculum innovation.

Why not join us in this work by becoming a member?  Doing this will help us carry on providing the benefits to schools that we do, and will allow us to expand our activities.


What will you get out of being a member?  The most tangible benefit you get from being a member is our termly journal Environmental Education which only members get.  This contains case studies and feature articles about how environmental education can make learning and the curriculum come alive.  The journal contain reviews of books, podcasts, videos, teaching resources, projects and conferences, and keeps you in touch with what NAEE is doing.

We’re very well aware of course, that people join organisations not just for such personal benefits, but also because they value what is being done to help a very worthy cause.  We know that NAEE’s work to help young people prepare for an environmentally-challenging future is of the utmost importance and we’d be delighted if you joined and supported us.

You can join NAEE in two ways:

[1] You can click the REGISTER button (opposite) and complete our online registration form to pay using PayPal

[2] You can pay directly from your bank account by BACS using the following information:

  • Bank – Nat West
  • Account Name – National Association for Environmental Education
  • Sort Code – 60 21 36
  • Account Number – 57546088

If you use [2], please also email to complete the registration form. You can use this email address if you have any queries about membership or the Association.

There is a discount scheme where consortia or groups of schools and other organisations wish to join.  Please contact


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