NAEE has been promoting environmental education in the UK for 50 years, supporting all those involved in its delivery, so that together we can understand and act on the need to live more sustainably in order to protect the future of our planet. In 2018, NAEE received a Green Apple award for its support of environmental education.

This report explores curriculum opportunities in primary and secondary schools for a consideration of the goals. It uses curriculum analysis and school and NGO case studies, and its aim is to stimulate further work in schools to engage young people in learning about local and global environmental issues.

Hugh Kendrick Days

Why didn’t I learn about this at school?

Today’s blog is the latest in a series by Tom Davies who co-ordinates NAEE’s Facebook pages. As ever, the views expressed are Tom’s, and are not necessarily shared by NAEE.…

October 26th 2020

Transform our World reminds us that there are fewer than three weeks to go until the Youth Climate Summit (13 to 19 November 2020). You can read more here about…

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The UK National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) started life in 1960 as the National Rural Studies Association, changing its name and emphasis in 1971. Since then, the association has continued to support a wide range of professional educators to help them improve the quality of their teaching and their students’ learning, in relation to environmental and sustainability issues.

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