April 6th 2020

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"When things get back to normal, we'll ...".  How many times have you heard that recently?  It's a fervent wish of countless millions of people, and yet, what will it look like?  Will every closed small [...]

March 30th 2020

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A week on and the country is in many ways barely recognisable as the changes to our lives because of COVID-19 take effect.  Schools are mostly shut, but are supporting students learning at home, and [...]

March 23rd 2020

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Deep into March, there seems little room in the press or on TV to think of anything other than the effects of COVID-19, and we wish all our readers and their families and colleagues well [...]

March 16th 2020

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Teach the Future is a joint campaign run by UKSCN and SOS-UK students to repurpose the education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis.  Are you interested in joining the project team as a volunteer? [...]

March 9th 2020

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Students from Teach the Future are meeting Secretary of State Gavin Williamson at 0830 this morning to press their case for a government-commissioned inquiry into how the whole of the English formal education system is preparing students [...]

March 2nd 2020

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Would you like to sign an open letter about the Teach the Future campaign which NAEE is supporting?   There is still time to do this.  It's being organised by  NUS / SOS-UK.  This link takes you to the [...]

February 24th 2020

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The Teach the Future parliamentary reception is taking place this Wednesday on  February 26th.  It's sponsored (and will be introduced) by Nadia Whittome (the youngest MP, aged 24). The purpose of the event is to make the case [...]

February 17th 2020

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NAEE has written to the Prime Minister to support the case being made by students for changes to school policy and practice.  This begins: "Dear Prime Minister, We are writing in support of the letter [...]

February 10th 2020

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The latest Beehive newsletter from the Manchester Environmental Education Network MEEN is here.  It includes stories of pupils becoming community educators, details of awards won, and information about opportunities and events to help schools in Greater Manchester become more [...]