Re-live the great 1860 debate

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The Natural History Museum is inviting teachers to introduce their students to the great debate of 1860 on Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. The Museum says: "The characters and events of this landmark debate [...]

Monday Round up – September 18 to 22

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1. One of NAEE's favourite places, Martineau Gardens, is crowdfunding for some urgent redevelopment.  You can see the detail here.  One donor said: "Birmingham's 'secret garden', given to us by a man who believed in Nature [...]

September Countryside Classroom

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There's a new newsletter from the Countryside Classroom.  There are features on the merging of LEAF and FACE, the new quarry trail at Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), the Manchester Environmental Education Network (MEEN) project Workshops for Wildlife, [...]

Monday Round up – September 11 to15

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1. Click here to read the latest newsletter from Garden Organic.  There are features on tomato seed saving, the allium leaf miner survey, ways to switch to organic cultivation, and more ... . And there is [...]

The World’s Largest Lesson

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The next World's Largest Lesson starts on the 18th September.  Students are asked to consider the impact of their food choices on the SDGs.  New resources from World's Largest Lesson came out at the end of [...]

More lesson plans from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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A recent Environmental Education Feature was on Redesigning Plastics.  This was one of a series of lesson plans from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation [EMF].  You can find more plans, as well as videos, graphics, articles and case [...]

Monday Round up – September 4 to 8

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1. Communicate 2017 takes place on November 1 and 2 at Bristol Zoo.  This is an annual environmental communication conference bringing together over 150 delegates each year to develop their skills, share best practice and debate [...]

The Centre for Youth Impact

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The Centre for Youth Impact is hosting its third annual gathering on 11th September in London.  This follows two previous events that each brought together over 100 participants from across the youth and evidence sectors.  It [...]

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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This image of a Bornean orang-utan in the Gunung Palung National Park is by photographer Tim Laman.  He spent three days rope-climbing the 30-metre tree to set camera traps he could trigger remotely. This image won [...]