April 9 News Round up

By | April 9th, 2018|Webwatch|

The RHS I Can Grow project is a chance for young people to discover and explore the benefits of gardening, not only to them, but also to their local community and the wider world.  I Can Grow is designed to empower young people, allowing them to create a campaign, using plants, to shout about the environmental and [...]

April 3 News Round up

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There's a TeachMeet at the 2018 GA Conference on Friday 6 April at 1845 in the Heartsease Atrium.  This takes place just before the networking quiz and unofficial #beermeet.  It is free to attend.   Frog life is holding a toad summit on 19th June (0930 to 1630) to discuss toad conservation.  There will be a variety of speakers from academics and from [...]

March 26 News Round up

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The Forest Education Network has published a New Primary Forest and Woodland Teaching Resource pack.  It contains ideas to use trees woods and forests for curriculum linked teaching & learning.  related to KS1 & KS2 curriculum objectives in literacy, maths, science, history, geography, PHSE, art, music and PE.   Wildlife Watch says that if you go down [...]

March 19 News Round up

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Dan Raven-Ellison will be giving the public lecture at this year's GA Annual Conference [April 5 to April 7].   He'll be talking about Guerrilla Geography: 125 ways to be a geography activist.  The lecture is free to attend so make sure you add it to your Conference booking. Click here to see full details.    Countryside Classroom [...]

March 12 News Round up

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If you fancy being Wild and True with Debbie Warrener in The New Forest, there are still spaces for March 23-25 (with early bird prices for the May 25-27 weekend).  There's more detail here. A Gaia Sensitive Living Workshop in Exeter will explore what a ‘right relationship with Gaia’ might be.  The workshop will address such questions as: Can we create [...]

March 5 News Round-up

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New Scientist says that the clothes on our backs are responsible for huge amounts of pollution – but lab-grown fabrics and changes to our fashion habits can make a big difference.  It adds: Dressing ourselves is a necessity that has spawned one of the most polluting economic activities on the planet.  The clothing industry creates carbon emissions [...]

February 26 News Round up

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The Forestry Commission says its Early Years Teacher's Pack is a free learning resource, which contains curriculum-linked activities, to teach learners about forests and how they're looked after for people and wildlife.  All the activities have been designed to be used outdoors, in your local woods, park or school grounds.  There are also Gruffalo-themed forest activities that can be [...]

February 19 News Round up

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Exeter University says: "Explore the potential solutions to climate change and how they relate to the UN's sustainable development goals." This is a free 4-week online course (3 hours per week) with an 'upgrade' available.  On the course "you will explore solutions to this global challenge, including mitigation, adaptation and geo-engineering, which can help avoid the most dangerous climate changes [...]

February 12 to 16 News round up

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The Big Farmland Bird Count has been run by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) which has encouraged farmers, land managers and gamekeepers to spend around 30 minutes on the lookout for birds.  Founder of the Bird Count, Jim Egan, said a huge number of farmers and keepers were doing ‘tremendous work’ to boost farmland birds [...]

February 5 to 9 News round up

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The British Science Association says that following British Science Week’s virtual race, Run the Solar System, it is announcing a new race for 2018: Run to the Deep.  Produced in partnership with Six to Start, Run to the Deep will be an immersive running app which chronicles a journey from the sea surface to the Marianas Trench – the deepest [...]