Remembering Anne Kenrick

By | May 11th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Anne Kenrick MBE  (1923 - 2020) It is with sadness that we record the passing in a care home of Mrs Anne Kenrick who has been a Vice President of the Association since 2012.  In [...]

Complementing environmental education

By | May 6th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Ben Ballin writes: Back in January, NAEE trustee Morgan Phillips offered his stimulating thoughts on reframing environmental education.  This blog is intended to complement his contribution, and indeed it especially concerns itself with the value of adopting [...]

The problems of Wildlife Trading

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Today's post is an extract from a blog on the ECOJUST website.  It's by Pauline Verheij who posted it in February, before the global impact of COVID-19 became clear.  As such, the opening section's data are being [...]

Useful wildlife links for a lockdown

By | April 21st, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Here is a selection of resources that youngsters everywhere might enjoy and learn something from.  All of these activities can be experienced without leaving home.  It has been compiled by Henricus Peters, NAEE's on-line journal editor: #DoTheRightThing Insects [...]

The Drawdown Review

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In his latest newsletter from Poland, David Oldroyd discusses the Drawdown Review, which details how we might limit global warming.  There are two Drawdown scenarios.  They align, respectively, with meeting a minimum goal of 2°C and [...]

A green curriculum – content and purpose

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Today's post is by Ben Ballin and Richard Dawson and takes the form of a dialogue about the nature of a green curriculum. "It is interesting when you get quoted in someone else’s article.  This happened to [...]

Pandemics and the way we humans live

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This is a link to a long article on the Ensia website by John Vidal, its environment editor.  It's not about COVID-19 specifically, but about the increasing risks of pathogens crossing species boundaries to humans.  Here are a [...]

How’s your nature connectedness?

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A recently-published report by Natural England concludes that supporting human and environmental health, needs both contact and connection with nature.  Furthermore, a new national measure of nature connectedness shows connection to nature is good for people's psychological [...]

Roadblocks to quality education in an era of climate change

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A new paper from the Christina Kwauk at the Brookings Institute – Roadblocks to quality education in an era of climate change – has four goals. – First, it sets out to illustrate why more attention to, and investment [...]