Roadblocks to quality education in an era of climate change

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A new paper from the Christina Kwauk at the Brookings Institute – Roadblocks to quality education in an era of climate change – has four goals. – First, it sets out to illustrate why more attention to, and investment [...]

Natural England’s February research update

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This is another update from Natural England this time in relation to Nature Connectedness. . Human-nature relationships in context. Experiential, psychological, and contextual dimensions that shape children's desire to protect nature M Giusti - PLoS ONE, 2019 What [...]

Are UK teachers really less trusted than social media on climate change?

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Yesterday the TES website had a feature on a survey carried out by Cambridge International Assessment (an exam board), as part of Global Perspectives Week.  About 11,000 students aged 13-19 responded; 800 were from the UK.  The TES reported that [...]

Environmental misconceptions in the UK public

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The Policy Institute at King's College London has published a report on what the UK public knows about environmental issues.  Its title is: Britons hugely underestimate how hot planet has become and how much plastic waste is in the [...]

DfE in Denial

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Ahead of next week's parliamentary reception to promote attempts by Teach the Future to increase the effectiveness of climate change education,  the Department for Education is resisting. A parliamentary question [ #4444 ] was asked by Darren Jones (Labour: [...]

Changing the narrative about climate change education?

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In today's blog, Richard Dawson and Ben Ballin explore the work they are doing on climate change education within primary schools in the Change the Story project. Over the next three years, a group of six European education organisations will [...]

Letter to the Prime Minister

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The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA 14th February 2020   Dear Prime Minister We are writing in support of the letter recently sent to you by Zamzam [...]

Imaginative Disruptions: Creating Place and Arts-based Responses to Climate Urgency

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Across Sweden, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands three collective residencies brought together an intergenerational group of people who, as Arjen Wals reports: "played, ate, (re)imagined, learned and created together" in order to design "alternative [...]

What should every environmental educator read?

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Is there one book that you think every environmental educator should read? Is it Silent Spring, perhaps?  Or Walden?  The Natural History of Selbourne, maybe, or A Sand County Almanac?  Then there's Last Child in the Woods, Small is [...]