NAEE’s latest publication is Developing Sustainability: helping school governors influence whole school approaches.  This explores how governing boards can help evaluate and develop their school’s approaches to environmental sustainability, posing questions that they might ask about what their school is doing.  It arises from a collaboration with the National Governance Association [NGA] and complements the NGA’s own guidance on sustainability, which can be downloaded here.

Developing Sustainability is divided into four sections following the established Four Cs model: Curriculum: teaching and learning; Campus: buildings, grounds and budget; Community: inside and out; Culture: caring and respect.  The sections set out 26 questions that governing boards might ask themselves about their school. These all begin: “To what extent does your school…” and each question is followed by one example of practices that the question might explore. This is in a “If so, does it …” form. Obviously, this is only one of many such practices that could be probed.  A key use of this resource will be to develop and extend it internally to suit the circumstances and priorities of the school.

The curriculum section of this document is posted here:

For further detail, and to see the remaining 3 C sections, please see the whole document.

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