NAEE’s Curriculum Guides for Schools

Developing Sustainability: helping school governors influence whole school approaches

This report explores how governing boards can help evaluate and develop their school’s approaches to environmental sustainability, posing questions that they might ask about what their school is doing. It arises from a collaboration with the National Governance Association and complements the NGA’s own guidance on sustainability, which can be downloaded here.

The Environmental Curriculum across early years foundation stage and primary

This report illustrates how early experience of schools provides opportunities for children to explore the natural world around them and develop positive attitudes towards it.

Environmental Education through STEM

NAEE has recently had this paper published in School Science Review. It explores how STEM subjects can enable students to learn about the key environmental issues that we face, using NAEE’s teacher handbooks about The Environmental Curriculum and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Education and the Sustainable Development Goals

This report explores curriculum opportunities in primary and secondary schools for a consideration of the goals. It uses curriculum analysis and school and NGO case studies to stimulate further work in schools to engage young people in learning about local and global environmental issues.

The Environmental Curriculum across key stages 3 and 4

This report illustrates how the secondary curriculum provides opportunities for schools, teachers and children to explore the natural world and develop understandings of key environmental issues.

NAEE Annual Reviews

NAEE 2019 / 20 Review

This is a report on the work of NAEE during 2019/20. It is an account of key developments in the year, with contributions that reflect on the context in which our work is carried out that were published during the year in our journal or as blogs on the website.

Reviews of previous years can be found here:

Next NAEE Report

Our next report will be an exploration of NAEE’s Kenrick schools bursary scheme to mark the 6000th school student to benefit from the visits to environmental education centres that this scheme facilitates. It will be published in early 2021.