To save you the trouble of all that searching, click Scottish Greens to see what their election manifesto has to say about education, and about environmental / climate / sustainability / global / etc education.

The more progressive income tax structure introduced by the Scottish Greens in Scotland is raising critical funds that are now being invested in our NHS and other public services. If the UK were to follow our lead, an extra £11 billion a year would be available for schools, hospitals and other essential services. 

The UK tax system unfairly places a higher tax burden on low income workers, whilst giving the richest in society a wide range of tax breaks and tools to avoid paying tax on their wealth and income. In 2022-23, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made £2.2m, but only paid 22% tax on his income – the same tax rate as nurses or teachers. Meanwhile our public services are being starved of funding, our schools are crumbling and waiting times in hospitals continue to grow.

The Scottish Greens have given councils the power to raise more funds for local services like schools and social care through measures like doubling Council Tax on holiday homes, introducing a local visitor levy and developing plans for a carbon land tax and a cruise ship levy. 

Introduce a bespoke visa scheme for Palestinian students and academics as part of a wider programme of assisting the reconstruction of Gaza’s higher education sector.

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