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Think Global training opportunities

By | November 13th, 2015|Webwatch|

Here is a list of professional development opportunities from Think Global up to March 2016.  Click on the link for the details. 16 November 2015: Making sense of British Values (Salisbury) 19 November 2015: Moving from RRSA Level 1 to Level 2 (London) 19 November 2015: Climate Conference for Schools (London) 20 November 2015: Global Teachers Award Level 2 [...]

The Geovation Challenge

By | November 12th, 2015|Webwatch|

The Ordnance Survey launches its 9th Geovation Challenge on Nov 25th and the team is on the lookout for bright ideas that can improve our relationship with water. The OS says: A water crisis that is fuelled by ever increasing challenges from the effects of climate change and phenomenally growing societies. A crisis of resilience and sustainability: [...]

Rocky Rex rocks

By | November 11th, 2015|Blog|

Rocky Rex is a new science blog that's aimed at non-experts.  It mixes climate change with other things, to illustrate that climate science is mainstream. The picture on the right shows Rocky. Recent posts are about the atmosphere, greenhouse gases, earthquakes and volcanoes, ice ages and glaciers, hurricanes and tropical storms, the oceans, natural cycles, and up-to-date data on climate [...]

The sixth annual Global Education Conference

By | November 11th, 2015|Webwatch|

The sixth annual Global Education Conference, is a free four-day online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world  It will start on Monday, November 16th.  You are invited to attend! Last year’s conference featured more than 260 general sessions and 35 keynote addresses from all over the world with over 7,500 participants. The conference is designed to [...]

Environmental education at Marton primary school, Lincolnshire

By | November 10th, 2015|Environmental Education Feature|

Another winner of this year's Ashden Sustainable Schools Award was Marton primary school in Lincolnshire.  What follows is taken from the Ashden case study which details the school's success. The Ashden judging panel said: "Marton Primary School is an excellent role model for other small schools.  The staff and pupils have adopted a very simple approach focusing on low cost or no cost [...]

Hampshire Conservation Volunteers

By | November 10th, 2015|Webwatch|

The Hampshire Conservation Volunteers are running a free woodland management course on 12th November at Chandler's Ford 1000 to 1500).  Working with their Biodiversity Action Team, you can learn the skills of coppicing small trees such as hazel and hawthorn. And on Saturday 14th November, there's a Sustainable Garden training course in Chippenham, Wiltshire (1030 to 1600)

News update from Think Global

By | November 9th, 2015|Webwatch|

Amy West, Programme Manager at Think Global, invites teachers to join a free, online twilight training session on Positive development stories for your classroom Wednesday 11th November 2015, 4.15pm-5.15pm: Monday 23 November 2015, 4.15pm-5.15pm: A lunchtime event: Migration – Thinking again, and Thinking critically 12-3pm, Thursday 12 November 2015, London Cheshire West and Chester Fairtrade Steering Group [...]

Eco-schools and student learning

By | November 9th, 2015|Blog|

Our President, Bill Scott, has been wondering why the global manager of Eco-schools – FEE – isn't doing more to ensure that student learning is a more prominent focus of the Eco-schools movement. You can read the blog post – Questions for FEE – here.  It begins ... "I take the view that FEE needs to [...]

The Age of Sustainable Development

By | November 6th, 2015|Book Review|

Jeffrey Sachs is an eminent analyst of global development.  His new book The Age of Sustainable Development, which was recently presented and discussed at UN headquarters in New York, gives an insight into the current post-2015 negotiations and the concept of sustainable development. The publishers say: Jeffrey D. Sachs is one of the world's most perceptive and [...]

Is Global Learning for you?

By | November 6th, 2015|Webwatch|

The Global Learning Programme [GLP] describes global learning as an approach to learning about international development through recognising the importance of linking people’s lives throughout the world. There are several definitions of the term ‘global learning’ and ‘development education’. In the context of GLP global learning encourages critical examination of global issues and an awareness of the impact [...]