The Ordnance Survey launches its 9th Geovation Challenge on Nov 25th and the team is on the lookout for bright ideas that can improve our relationship with water.

The OS says:

A water crisis that is fuelled by ever increasing challenges from the effects of climate change and phenomenally growing societies. A crisis of resilience and sustainability: particularly water availability (too much and too little), poor water quality, ageing infrastructure, and behaviour (both in management and consumption; from utilities to domestic individuals). These water crises are recognised in the global development agenda, with issues from climate change drought and flooding to water quality, safe sanitation and sustainable management of water resources placed as priority challenges under the new 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The role of Geovation is to stimulate local solutions to these wide challenges – using the powerful tools of geographical thinking and geographic information, along with design thinking and technology – which scaled up, could impact sustainable change for the global too. Geovation focusses its Water Challenge on water problems experienced cross-sector and cross-regional in Britain. With underpinning the importance of geography, the global to local contexts are now explored to help pinpoint and inspire the greatest water problems in need of solving, first at home, in Britain.

If you want to know more, drop Keegan Wilson a line:

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