The Summer edition of Canada’s Green Teacher magazine (Vol 132) is now available. The bulk of this issue is dedicated to wild native bees and it has been produced in partnerships with Friends of the Earth Canada.

There are two freely available articles:

Leaf Your Devices at Home by Britta Moore
A lesson plan to combat plant blindness

The Lives of Wild Native Bees by Beatrice Olivastri and Caitlin McCloskey
What they do and where they do it


Other articles (full text available only to subscribers though you can read the abstracts) are:

Learning About Wild Native Bees Using the Taxonomic Structure by Caitlin McCloskey and Beatrice Olivastri

Taxonomy is the science of classification of plants and animals

Hoary squash bee (Eucera pruinosa) by Susan Chan
Profile of a specialist wild bee

How Are Wild Native Bees Protected? by Beatrice Olivastri and Caitlin McCloskey
Programs and resources

Resources List by Caitlin McCloskey and Beatrice Olivastri
Identifying and learning about wild native bees

Pollinator Party! by Jared Goodykoontz
An excerpt from the ebook Taking Sunday School Outside

Less Screen, More Green by Kerry Crofton
What educators need to know about safer screentime and tech-free greentime

Conservation through Native American Petroglyphs by Jesze Doleh
Lessons on protecting nature from the first conservationists

Healthy Places, Sustainable Spaces by Gillian Petrini
Everyday actions for healthy and sustainable learning environments

More from World of Thermo by Guy Walton
An excerpt and a lesson plan for 5th- to 7th-grade

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