Here is a selection of resources that youngsters everywhere might enjoy and learn something from.  All of these activities can be experienced without leaving home.  It has been compiled by Henricus Peters, NAEE’s on-line journal editor: #DoTheRightThing

Insects / minibeasts

Buglife charity has resources on beetles, bees, butterflies, moths, and dragonfly
Butterfly Conservation deals with everything about butterflies and moths
Wildlife Watches  ID guides
Birdwatch – January
Butterfly Count – July – August
Bio blitz – early January
Natural history
The Countryfile magazine website is a good place to check resources
London’s Natural History Museum has a large collections of wildlife resources
Trees & Birds
The Wildlife Trusts junior branch – lots of information sheets which could be used for playing games
The Woodland Trust ’Nature Detective resources
ArkWildlife has resources to aid wildlife gardening
RSPB resources and ideas about birds and other aspects of nature
The British Trust for Ornithology has information about birds and their importance
The Marine Conservation Society – fact sheets about sea life common, threatened and endangered, and beach cleanups.
The  Marine Life Biological Association – lots of information including images
National Geographic – lots of articles and images
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – fact sheets and images
The World Conservation Union – articles about key marine issues, and images, especially Antarctica
BirdLife International – lots on birds including the albatross
The National Geographic children’s website

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