Here are a few of the COP-related viewpoints from this morning’s The Conversation:

COP27 will be remembered as a failure – here’s what went wrong

Mark Maslin, UCL; Priti Parikh, UCL; Richard Taylor, UCL; Simon Chin-Yee, UCL – The agreed loss and damage fund was a breakthrough in an otherwise inconclusive conference.

COP27 flinched on phasing out ‘all fossil fuels’. What’s next for the fight to keep them in the ground?

Fergus Green, UCL; Harro van Asselt, Stockholm Environment Institute  – Smaller international deals and fossil free zones point a way forward.

COP27: those calling for climate justice were present but had no real say

Alix Dietzel, University of Bristol  – An expert in climate justice reports from Sharm El Sheikh.

COP27: one big breakthrough but ultimately an inadequate response to the climate crisis

Matt McDonald, The University of Queensland  – The big news of COP27 was agreement to establish a fund for ‘loss and damage’. But many lamented the summit’s overall outcome, saying it falls short of a sufficient response to the climate crisis.

COP27’s ‘loss and damage’ fund for developing countries could be a breakthrough – or another empty climate promise

Adil Najam, Boston University – It’s a landmark agreement, acknowledging for the first time that wealthy countries bear some responsibility to help. But it leaves many unanswered questions.

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