This week’s news round-up had an update on the 2022 TEESNet conference on September 28th. Here is more detail of the paper presentations:

Understanding the factors affecting engagement with issues of climate change and sustainability, including social media, through case study research across schools

Exploring ‘eco-capabilities’ at the intersection of concerns about children’s wellbeing, their apparent disconnect with the natural environment; and lack of engagement with the arts in school curricula

Exploring perceptions and understanding of sustainable development and its role in future teaching, amongst student teachers in England, Turkey and Pakistan

Supporting teachers in the process of critically reflecting upon complexity, interconnectedness, and the challenges of embedding Learning for Sustainability within professional practice in Scotland

Empowering teachers to become the actors of their own stories and possibilities of interruption in England’s ITE framework

The role of specific critical pedagogies such as Philosophy for Children (P4C) in enhancing pupil awareness and critical understandings of global issues.


And here are some of the interactive workshops:

Festivals of Encounter: exploring collaborative educational practice between a refugee story telling group, a faith-based organisation and schools.

Global Storylines: a creative, interdisciplinary approach for transformative learning and teaching

Non-violent Action: A Force for Change: resources and outcomes from a project to enable learner engagement and capacities to transform the world together

Building confidence, communication skills and a global perspective in SEND settings through digital immersive storytelling

Transforming the mathematics classroom into a safe discursive space where teachers and learners explore complex global issues together

The Emperor’s New Clothes; is being naked the greenest fashion choice? Fashion as a case study to critically analyse the debates about global sustainability.

You can find out more and register here.

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