To save you the trouble of all that searching, click Scottish Labour Party to see what their election manifesto has to say about education, and about environmental / climate / sustainability / global / etc education:

Page 69: We need a comprehensive review of Curriculum for Excellence, including broad general education and the senior phase. A key part of this review must be the inclusion and expansion of vocational education in school settings, supporting training in partnership with trade groups and trade unions to ensure all young people are equipped for the world of work. We will also strengthen life skills education, including the ‘Unions into Schools’ programme, emotional learning, cooperative models, and enable the climate change emergency to be addressed in the curriculum.

Page 85: We want our children and young people to be learning not only about their own environment but also to share an understanding of local, national and global environments. The impact of globalisation and climate change has led to a greater awareness of environmental education, and this should lead to further developments within the Curriculum for Excellence of global citizenship education. We will ensure that the International Development Programme spending is climate proofed, including an increase in the Climate Justice Fund. We will strengthen the links between university research and our industrial strategy, including our green jobs plan. Colleges will have an important role in achieving a just transition for workers. We will develop a strategic initial and transferable skills strategy in the context of the climate emergency.

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