In case you missed any of the recent events from Our Shared World, you can catch up with them here. There’s [i] voices and perspectives from COP26, [ii] the COP26 education pledges, [iii] the DfE’s sustainability and climate change strategy, and [iv] the UK environment act. There are videos associated with each of these through which you can relive what happened. Further events include: Green Skills (21 March 5 to 6pm), the Our Shared World evidence report launch (April date tba) and Green Skills Part 2 (May date tba).

Speakers at the first Green Skills event include:

Here’s the blurb for both green skills events:

Did you know there is a Skills Bill? Members of our community have been working to get ‘green’ skills included and better understood. They are also mentioned in the  DfE draft Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy which we examined in our event earlier this year. In two sessions we will explore what we mean by ‘green skills’, beyond installing renewables. How can they be developed from early years onwards, and become a lifelong learning process?

What do we mean by pro-environmental or social behaviours? What leads to resilience? How do competencies fit with this and how can we tell if we are building skills and capabilities to engage in a  sustainable future?

We will look at:

  • pro-social behaviours in early years
  • how to make the curriculum at KS2 lead to empowerment, resilience and ‘action’ learning
  • what are eco-capabilities and how do we build them?
  • what a teacher sustainability  competencies?
  • What is the research on the role of the outdoors in building skills and resilience?
  • What is the role of creativity in ‘green’ skills?
  • What is the focus in the SDGs

You can sign up here.

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