Conservation Optimism is an inclusive movement of scientists, artists, professionals, businesses, NGOs and generally motivated humans of all ages and backgrounds. It’s dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive difference for nature which is committed to fostering effective action, interest and wonder in the natural world, across generations, borders, languages and cultures. As such it is dedicated to equipping, enabling and empowering conservationists at all career stages and from all backgrounds.

Its mission statement adds that it is …

– building a community whose members can draw strength, resilience and energy from togetherness and shared purpose.

– amplifying the reach of conservation by transforming the discourse from “doom and gloom,” into a refreshing vision of the future of nature and how to get there.

– bringing society together in realising this vision, including voices from the arts, business and civil society as well as from conservation science and practice.

It says that optimism uses the power of hope to provide motivation for meaningful action which helps us learn from our setbacks and successes to move forward and find new solutions.

Conservation Optimism publishes “stories of optimism” through its blogs. You can find these here. They mostly concern wildlife in its many forms, but there are are educational stories too. For example, about a game reserve as an outdoor classroom, about the nurturing of a young naturalist in Nepal, and about learning to be a conservation podcaster.

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