Today’s post is the latest by Mirran Trimble from Froglife, a wildlife charity dedicated to protecting amphibians and reptiles, as well as the habitats they depend on. Mirran will be leading an exhibition stall at COP26, and she will be sharing her progress through a series of blogs during the coming weeks. As ever with our blogs, the views expressed are not necessarily those of NAEE.

With COP26 now just around the corner, I am getting very excited knowing that I will be a part of this momentous occasion. Many people have said that this conference is particularly significant because it is likely to be our last chance to correct our mistakes, and I think this is probably true. Humanity is on the edge of a precipice, and the decisions we make in the coming weeks have the potential to save or destroy our planet. I am very excited to be a part of something so important, but I am nervous about what decisions will be made.

As environmentalists, we are constantly fighting to protect our planet and help others to understand just how important our natural world is, but this can often feel like an uphill battle. Consequently, the opportunity to deliver an event at COP26 feels like an incredible privilege that I am determined to make the most of. Like many others working in this sector, I have often thought about all the things I would love to say to world leaders, and all the decisions I would make if I were in their position. Suddenly I have been given this platform at COP26 and it is amazing to think that I may actually have the chance to say all of these things.

However this opportunity is not, and should not, be a personal one. There are many people fighting to protect our natural world and we are strongest when we are united. This is why we have been asking people to send us their messages for world leaders, and it really has been incredible to see all of the messages people have sent in. We will share every single one of these messages at COP26. One particular theme has stood out amongst them, appearing over and over again; now is the time for action. Through your messages we will send a clear and powerful message to world leaders that we expect them to start taking immediate and bold action to tackle climate change and save our planet.


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