British Wildlife has featured book reviews since the very first magazine back in 1989, and every review included in issues since 2018 is available to read on the British Wildlife website. These reviews provide in-depth critiques of important new titles in natural history publishing, from nature-writing bestsellers to technical identification handbooks. They are all authored by experts in relevant subjects, ensuring an honest and insightful appraisal of each book featured.

Here is a list of the book reviews included in recent issues of British Wildlife, all with links to take you directly to the full review. These include

Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse by Dave Goulson

Wild Green Wonders: A Life in Nature by Patrick Barkham

After They’re Gone: Extinctions Past, Present and Future by Peter Marren

Cornerstones: Wild Forces That Can Change Our World by Benedict Macdonald 

Birds and Us: A 12,000 Year History, from Cave Art to Conservation by Tim Birkhead

And more …

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