Clicking here will take you to the news stories on the Transform Our World website. You can look across the whole of the UK and also by region, and you can sign up to its newsletter.

Transform our World also offers access to a range of young person events, including its annual Transform our World Youth Summit. The Summit is free and open to young people between 8-18, taking place online every Autumn.  Watch the 2022 Youth Summit sessions. You can access a wide variety of resources from a range of organisations. All the resources have been hand-picked to provide action-focussed activities to introduce you and your students to sustainability and climate learning.

There’s also access to a range of pre-recorded and live teacher CPD sessions. These free to attend events are open to all Transform Our World users and feature discussions and conversations around environmental education, aiming to provide a collaborative space for educators to share experiences and ideas. And you can create and implement your own Schools Climate Action Planner which is is a free, easy-to-use digital tool to enable teachers, students and staff to identify actions they can take to reduce their school’s environmental impact and carbon footprint.  

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