Today’s blog is the first of a series by Jade Fabian who is a family support worker based in Birmingham. As ever with our blogs, the views expressed are Jade’s, and are not necessarily shared by NAEE

The world is settling into its new version of ‘normal’; many people are returning to the office, students are back in their seats at school and shops are reopening, all with Coronavirus adaptions and adjustments. As something of a technophobe, a few of these changes have been a slight challenge (how do I scan a QR code for track and trace?), but I am working on it. However, as a fully-fledged environmentalist other changes have been even more challenging and a moral dilemma. 

Arguably, for the everyday consumer, shops’ policies in recent years have begun to favour the environment. I cheered when the carrier bag charge was introduced and my lattes have tasted better knowing that most chains now charge for disposable cups; I think I even tweeted about Boston Tea Party announcing they no longer tolerate single use.  Zero waste shops also seem to be popping up more and more frequently. These have been small but important victories for the planet and the sea. However, Coronavirus seems to have undone many of these successes, as single use menus and cups are mandatory in most outlets. Of course, this is for our own safety and the safety of others. But as I have spent years trying to ensure that my life and choices are as responsible as possible, I cannot help but feel guilt in the current climate.

How do you feel about the increase of single-use items over the past few months?

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