As with every large scale event, there is bound to be controversy…. Rio Olympics, it seems, is no different! Images of a ‘green’ , polluted waters – along with others – have flashed around the internet…. to the concern of environmentalists, and also of Rio games organisers.  The Washington Post reported on this 

But NAEE ‘does not interested itself with sports’ ….? That’s true, however, we are very interested in children being active and connecting to the outdoors. When human activities are such they they have a negative impact on the natural environment – so becomes an ‘environmental issue’ –  we also take notice!

Here are two respective contributors on LinkedIn:

Pete Milne wrote:

The Rio Olympics put world issues, and people and planet first, above nationalism and I hope this will inspire action and protection across the globe.

Brad Follet responded:

Rio missed the environmental mark in such a way they it will leave a drastic scare on Brazil for years to come.  The seriousness of their natural environment has been overlooked and not brought up to par even for the Olympics as promised.  Algae in the diving pool could have been avoided.  The single waste water plant would not handle the influent from the Olympic Village. 

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Today’s blog was by Henricus Peters, NAEE Social Media Team & e- Journal editor, who blogs at  LearnFromNature

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