NAEE publishes its journal: Environmental Education, 3 times a year.  It is free to members.

It contains case studies and feature articles about how Environmental Education can be used to make learning and the curriculum come alive.  You will also find reviews of the latest books, resources, conferences and workshops.


One edition each year is a print journal, which is usually produced in collaboration with another environmental education organisation.  The other two editions are e-journals which come to members as PDFs.  NAEE members have exclusive access to our current journals.

Here are some features in the Spring 2017 edition which is dedicated to the teachers, children, artists, archaeologists and other community members who took part in the AHRC funded project: Pathways to Understanding the Changing Climate: time and place in cultural learning about the environment.  Its purpose was to develop knowledge and understanding of how children (and adults) perceive and articulate their relationships to place and how changing climate features in these perceptions. 

Introduction & Editorial  Elsa Lee

Communication between children of Italy, England and Nepal  Tiziana Rota and Francesca De Palo

Communicating across cultures: from the Nepal Himalayas, to the Cambridgeshire Chalk Marl, to the Italian lakes  Yancen Diemberger, Olive Gillespie, Charlie Lumby and Jakub Suberlak

Communicating climate change: back and forth between school and community  Bruce Huett

Studying a locality through a global lens  Gary Fowkes

‘Half-Heard, In The Stillness’  Rachel Wooller

The power of locality, creativity and bravery  Laurence Ball

Connecting school and community to strengthen a culture of the environment  Rosalinda Hernandez, Francisco Santiago, Laura Santiago, Barbara Bodenhorn (translator)

Artists and children collaborate to remake unearthed finds  Kyle Kirkpatrick

Exploring the environmental aspects of locality as a response to curriculum change in Mongolia   Amarbayasgalan Dorj, Dashdeleg Narantsatsral,Richard Irvine

Kenrick Days: more urban children experience the natural environment  Juliette Green

NAEE past and at the present  Norman Farmer

40 years on from Tbilisi  William Scott

A tribute to Norman Farmer  David Fellows


Why not write for Environmental Education?

We welcome articles, photos and book reviews from NAEE members, supporters and readers.  We are especially interested in case studies of outdoor education, field work, forest schools etc, in primary or secondary schools and colleges.  500 words per page – max 3 pages. Photos should be as high resolution as possible, sent as separate jpeg attachments, and you must have the written permission of the picture taker.

The NAEE Editorial Team is Henricus Peters & Juliette Green.  For more information, or to send ideas, please email