Plantlife is a British conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi . It owns nearly 4,500 acres of nature reserve across England, Scotland and Wales, and has 11,000 members and supporters. HRH The Prince of Wales is the charity’s Patron. Plantlife’s conservation experts work with landowners, businesses, conservation organisations, community groups and governments, working to save our rarest flora and to ensure familiar flowers and plants continue to thrive.  It was instrumental in the creation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and is a member of Planta Europa, a pan-European network of over 60 wild plant conservation organisations. You can see its range of activity here.

Here’s a selection of posts written by Dr Trevor Dines for Plantlife.

What is a meadow, why do meadows matter and how can you make one?

Are wildflowers good for us?

Are wild flowers blooming later this year?

Can a peek inside a cowslip tell us about habitat health?

Disaster. And opportunity

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