The 2023 Fall edition of Canada’s Green Teacher magazine is now published. The content are below. As usual, there are two free articles. You can take out a personal subscription and see all the content and more. Details here.


Is Leaf Litter Just “Yard Waste”? by Timothy Stewart, Janette Thompson, Kristina Tank, Makayla Buck, Anna Drahos, and Benjamin White
A field ecology investigation of the relationship between habitat abundance and biodiversity

Educating Earth–Connected Kids by Kerry Crofton (Free Article)
Stewards of the future

Environmental Education and Inclusion by Laura Sims and Marie-Élaine Desmarais (Free Article)
How to consider people’s diverse needs when facilitating outdoor learning

Composting Experiment by Ian Shanahan, with assistance from Friends of the Earth Canada
Observing how different organic materials and plastic react to the composting process

Enhancing Biodiversity in your Schoolyard by Janneke Petersen
Learning about native plants yields lifetime benefits

Nature as Refuge, Nature as Teacher by Stephanie Aleksiuk
Helping students connect to nature in a mindful way can offer refuge, resilience, and hope in challenging times

Land-Based Learning by Andrea Barnes
Five fundamentals for connecting young people more deeply to the Land

Navigating forests and other emotional landscapes by Sarah Brown
Leading students and ourselves through the beautiful and terrifying wilderness of grief

Evolution in the Anthropocene by Collin Davis
A case study for secondary school learners demonstrating rapid evolution

Why Care about Food Waste? by Jan DeWaters and Miranda Wolf
Engaging middle school students on a pivotal issue

Environmental Games by Michelle MacMillan
How to bring the fun of outdoor learning to your classroom

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