We have been showing the contents of Canada’s Green Teacher magazine for a long time, and are sad to see that it has come to the end of its publication. However, subscribers will continue to have full access to the archives containing more than 550 articles and 130 webinars. Each month, they will publish a new blog that highlights the best of those articles and webinars.

This is the contents of the (final) Winter 2023/24 edition.

Centering Indigenous Knowledge by Launa Purcell
Exploring barriers to incorporating Indigenous knowledge in outdoor classrooms

Integrating indigenous perspectives into elementary teaching by Liliane Dionne, Diane Campeau and Makwa Atisokan
Enriching the curriculum to fight climate change

Cheetahs and Gazelles by Michael Haughwout
Population dynamics under anthropogenic influence

Dig for Your Rights! by Michelle Superle
A rights-based approach to agricultural literacy with picture books in grades K-3

Culture and Sustainability by  Galina Vakhromova, with contributions from Ian Shanahan
Sustainability education in middle and high school classrooms

The Carbon Dioxide Game by Sashi Kaufman
A fun, active outdoor game for helping students visualize how human activities enhance the greenhouse effect

Teaching Controversial Issues by Pat Clarke
A four-step strategy for clear thinking on controversial issues at the high school level

Around the World: The Invasive Species Challenge by April Claus, Susie Moffett and Stacey Widenhofer
This engaging outdoor activity uses different colored balls to explain the spread of invasive species, while encouraging problem-solving and team-building skills

A Working Model of a Stream by William F. Hammond
This simple, easy-to-create model helps children understand stream dynamics and the impact of human activities on water quality

Blowing Up Your World by Jean Harding
A middle school activity focusing on individual responsibility for the environment

Climate Change Summits for Teens by Janice McDonnell, Laura Bovitz, Carrie Ferraro, Rachel Lyons, and David Robinson
Increase global awareness by hosting a climate and environmental change summit with teenagers

The World in a Cake by Jackie Kirk and Mary Gale Smith
A tasty focal point for exploring how our food links us to people and places around the world

Invasive Species Dodge Ball by Kim Fulton
Using a rapid fire game to demonstrate that it only takes a couple of invasive species to make a lasting impact on an ecosystem

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