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Most people, deep down, are decent – part 2

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Today's blog is part 2 of a review by Morgan Phillips of Rutger Bregman’s Humankind – a Hopeful History.  Part 1 was published a couple of days ago. At Global Action Plan, in partnership with Reboot the Future, we have been convening a group of education practitioners to respond to a question that we feel is now key to the [...]

May 25th 2020

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Here's an update from across the Atlantic from NAAEE.  This includes: Let's Keep Learning from Each Other: Help GEEP Reach 100 Country Profiles!  GEEP is aiming high! Join our campaign to have 100 country profiles on our website by World Environment Day on June 5. We'll feature new profiles on social media; share your story now! [...]

Most people, deep down, are decent – part 1

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Today's blog is part 1 of a review of by Morgan Phillips of Rutger Bregman’s Humankind a Hopeful History.  Part 2 will follow in a couple of days. Whenever something challenges my assumptions and leads me to understand something in a new way, I ask myself what the implications and applications are for my work and often, my [...]

George Monbiot, the environmental educator

By | May 19th, 2020|Blog|

George Monbiot's latest blog (also in the Guardian on May 13th) is titled: The University of Life.  It's about his discovery of environmental education: "... During the lockdown, I’ve been doing something I’ve long dreamt about: experimenting with an ecological education.  I can’t claim to have found it easy, or to have got it all [...]

May 18th 2020

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NAEE has published its obituary on Vice-President Anne Kenrick whose personal vision and benevolence gave rise to the Association's Hugh Kenrick Bursary Scheme.  This is her abiding legacy.  Written by Executive Director Nina Hatch, the obituary charts the development of Anne's interests in the natural world and environmental education, and her links with NAEE.  ∫∫∫ . CJS, the Countryside [...]

Remembering Anne Kenrick

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Anne Kenrick MBE  (1923 - 2020) It is with sadness that we record the passing in a care home of Mrs Anne Kenrick who has been a Vice President of the Association since 2012.  In that year, and in memory of her late husband Hugh, she donated his entire charitable trust fund to benefit the [...]

May 11th 2020

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Anglia Ruskin University is running free webinars for teachers, teaching assistants and educators.  The overall theme is Changing the World One Lesson at a Time: Environmental and Sustainability Education, and each has been developed with a specific focus and will comprise three short presentations followed by the opportunity for Q&A and discussion as follows: Webinar 1: Outdoor Education   Thursday [...]

Marvellous Mud Snails

By | May 7th, 2020|Environmental Education Feature|

Joanna Lindsay is the Conservation Officer for Buglife Scotland; Laura Larkin is a Conservation Officer for Buglife. They write here about the Marvellous Mud Snails project with schools in Cornwall and Scotland. The Pond Mud Snail (Omphiscola glabra) is a modest mollusc, by all standards. With its less-than glamourous name and murky brown shell that rarely [...]

Complementing environmental education

By | May 6th, 2020|Blog|

Ben Ballin writes: Back in January, NAEE trustee Morgan Phillips offered his stimulating thoughts on reframing environmental education.  This blog is intended to complement his contribution, and indeed it especially concerns itself with the value of adopting complementary approaches. In writing it, I have gone ‘back to the future’ and revisited ideas that I shared in the [...]

Waste education in Devon

By | May 4th, 2020|Environmental Education Feature|

Lucy Mottram is Waste Education Officer for Devon County Council.  She is a trained teacher with experience working in farming, ecology and sustainability in the UK, Greece and Italy.  She writes here about her plastic pirates project. “So you’re a rubbish teacher!” said the young son of a dear friend when I described what I did.  And, [...]