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NATURE-BASED LEADERSHIP: Leading from the Heart of Nature by Cheryl Charles

Throughout my life, I have been influenced and inspired by direct contact with nature. From formative childhood experiences to acting as the primary focus of my career, nature has nourished my sense of purpose, vitality and conscience. Over the years, with the support of family and colleagues, I have developed what I call “natural guides” to ground my thoughts and actions in ways inspired by lessons from nature.  …

GETTING THE KIDS OUTSIDE: Oregon Shares the Secret to Outdoor Education for All by Rex Burkholder

Among the many threats to our future, one of the most serious is our citizenry’s declining awareness of our natural world and how it works.  How can we expect young people to care about this amazing world without a chance to experience and learn about the world they live in? By getting muddy, by analyzing water quality, by measuring the height and carbon content of trees. …

LAST BOYS IN THE WOODS: A Photographer Explores Nature-Deficit Disorder Through Art by Volkan Kızıltunc

Volkhan Kızıltunç’s series of photographs entitled “Last Boys in the Woods” was inspired by Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods, and its discussion of nature-deficit disorder. The photos depict urban people in various natural environments.  …

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