On 25th September, the UN will announce its Global Goals for Sustainable Development [SDGs], that aim to make our planet fair, healthy and sustainable by 2030.  The ambition of The World’s Largest Lesson (beginning 27th September) is that children across the world will learn about these goals and began to contribute to their achievement.

For schools, it’s an opportunity to foster global citizenship, support learning across a range of subject areas, and develop big ideas including human rights, poverty, and environmental issues.  Ministries of Education are pledging their support and education organisations are joining together across the world to make this lesson a reality.

From September 1st on this website you will find:

  • An animated film by Sir Ken Robinson that introduces the goals
  • A comic for children to read
  • A curated set of lesson plans
  • A resource bank about the SDGs and some of their themes so you can select and shape lessons that are relevant for the children that you teach
  • Access to all lesson plans that teachers themselves have created
  • Guidance to help children know what they can do to get involved

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