Teach the Future has a new blog setting out what it wants the new government to do. Written last week by Freddie Emms, it begins:

“Yesterday, many of us around the country used our voices to speak up for issues we care about, and voted for the candidates that we feel will stand up for climate education and environmental action. Now that the election has finished and a brand new Labour government has gained power, it may feel like the long period of campaigning has come to an end. But in reality, this is by no means the end of the story – it’s rather the beginning of a new one.

Now that we have a new, Labour government in power, it is more important than ever to make sure that they implement all of the policies they have so far promised, and that we see this action as swiftly as possible. We at Teach the Future will be working hard to ensure that the new government sticks to the promises and commitments they have already outlined, and to hold them to account on their goals and targets.

What Labour have committed to:

Formal support of the Climate Education Bill: Labour MP Nadia Whittome sponsored our Climate Education Bill, introducing it to Parliament. It was since adopted by the National Policy Forum, and Keir Starmer, Ed Miliband and Bridget Phillipson have all voiced their public support for the bill.

A review and audit of the school curriculum: In their manifesto, Labour promised an expert-led review of the school curriculum, with the aim of creating a curriculum that is rich and broad, inclusive and innovative. The review will consult school staff, parents, and employers, though young people are notably absent from this list.”

It then sets out under 4 headings what it wants to see from the new government: Climate education to be included in curriculum review / Young people to be included in the discussion / Collaboration between the Education Secretary and Climate Change & Net Zero Secretary / More investment in school retrofitting and decarbonisation.

Click here to read the detail and the rest of the post.

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