41E878PCJQLThis is a brilliant big book to read to children outside.  A lucky charity shop find has become a book that I’ve used in various places for many different themes.  These have included reading it in a reception classroom followed by independent work making nest collages for Spike to sit in; and as part of a birds event in a woodland where children had a go at constructing their own nests.  As well as showing children about birds’ nests, the book also portrays other animals, their habits and habitats (e.g. the rabbit family live in an underground burrow, which Spike finds scary, and the owl sings at night, waking Spike up!); and allows discussion of the concept that ‘there’s no place like home’ (i.e. Spike tries various places in which to sleep, but finds that the most comfortable place is his own nest). 

Juliette Green

Spike’s Best Nest. Tony Maddox (2003). Myriad Books Limited. Paperback (big book), pp30. ISBN 1-904154-73-5. RRP £14.99. [Also available as a small book] 

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