Secrets of the Veg Garden image‘Secrets of the Vegetable Garden’ is a picture book with a difference!  Children hold the book up to light or shine a torch behind the page to reveal the hidden activity going on in the garden: seeds appear magically under soil in a pot; roots and worms, normally hidden to us, become apparent under the ground; readers are able to see the peas developing inside the pod as the plant grows.

Full of fun and wonder, this book is also educational.  Basic principles of growth, pollination, and even pest control are introduced in an interactive way – there is even an illustrated glossary at the end of the book!  This book would be a wonderful resource for use in Reception when introducing for the first time the science of plant development – either as a tool to deepen understanding in schools fortunate enough to have a vegetable garden, or as a way of (in some measure) substituting the experience of exploring being outside.  Beautiful and engaging for young readers, this is a wonderful addition to any child’s book collection or to a school classroom.

Philippa Riste

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden Carron Brown & Giordano Poloni; ISBN 978-1-78240-323-4; Ivy Kids

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