Monday’s BBC Panorama programma will address the issue of GM technology and food.  The theme is:

A new generation of GM foods is winning over governments and former critics of the technology, and scientists say the crops could help feed people in the developing world. So are those who oppose GM doing more harm than good? And is their opposition based on genuine safety concerns, or is it just feeding fear?

The Soil Association’s CEO, Helen Browning, will be taking part.  Ahead of the programme, she says:

GM is a huge distraction. It is diverting a massive amount of time, effort and attention from the really crucial issues facing food and farming- like looking after our soils. We have already degraded 25 to 40% of soils worldwide and unless we work very hard to reverse this damage, it will be impossible to feed the growing population healthily. GM is dangerous because it allows us to accelerate in the wrong direction for a short while longer. 

Will you be watching?


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