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1. The next LEAF Conference is calling for case studies on engaging teenagers with farming, food and the environment.  A key part of the conference will be sharing experiences and best practice.  If you have any key learnings from working with teenagers which you would like to share, and/or have successfully engaged teenagers in farming, food and the natural environment, and would like to be considered for inclusion in the conference, LEAF would like to hear from you by 2nd August.

Please email annabel.shackleton@leafuk.org or telephone 02476 413 911.  The conference will take place on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at The Auditorium, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, London.    If you would like to attend the event, email events@leafuk.org and they will forward further details to you.

2. Dr. Lizzie Freeman and Dr. Frances Harris are investigating interpretations of the concept of nature connection.  At Nature Connections 2017 they launched a survey in which they are asking people to answer the question “What does nature connection mean to you?” followed by a few questions to help them relate your responses to your background.  They would greatly appreciate it if you could complete the survey.

3. The University of Cumbria is recruiting an outdoor learning research assistant who will initially focus on the following questions:

  • what does the existing research evidence have to say about the impacts of different forms of Outdoor Learning?
  • what does the existing research evidence have to say about best practices in Outdoor Learning?
  • how best to develop a national framework that will enable the aggregation of evidence and findings and sharing these with a range of stakeholders?
  • what methods can support the development of high quality action research
  • in what ways does the evidence inform questions of national significance and what new questions are indicated?

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