Here are some details of workshops at the 2016 national sustainable schools conference, run by SEEd in Leicester on March 2nd.

  • Ashden Awards, Alex Green – Showcases and explores examples of energy saving techniques in schools
  • Beetles and Bees, Jenny Stevens – Looks at diverse ways of encouraging outdoor exploration
  • Big Brum, Rumpelstiltskin, the Straw Baby  – Looks at young people’s values and rights through Theatre in Education
  • East of England, Sandra Laurisden – Hands on workshop exploring food and farming
  • Eco-Action Games, Paula Owen – Giant eco-playground pop-up
  • Eco-Schools, Morgan Phillips – Explores Eco-Schools links to the National Curriculum
  • Global Learning Programme, Jane Carpenter – Looks at how schools can engage pupils in Sustainable Development
  • Learning Through Landscapes, David Kilner – Highlights different ways that teachers can take their teaching outside of the classroom
  • Leicester Mayasa Link, Claire Plumb – Illustrates how critical thinking skills can be used to motivate students to create positive solutions to local and global problems
  • NUS, Quinn Runkle – Explores how FE/HE institutions are embedding sustainability across all subject  areas
  • SE2, Liz Warren – Looks at ways schools can help to reduce their environmental impact
  • Systems Games, Robin de Carteret – Uses interactive games to explore complex systems
  • Target4Green, Peter Milne – Looks at how human and physical processes interact to influence and change landscapes, environments and the climate
  • TIDE, Catheryn Gathercole – Shares learning from a 3 year international curriculum development project
  • Woodcraft Folk, Joe Wyatt – Explores how the Woodcraft Folk have introduced sustainability issues to young people
 You can register as a delegate on the SEEd website.

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