Volume 124 of NAEE’s journal, Environmental Education, has now been published.  Here’s a selection of the articles in it:

Lockdown reflections – NAEE members

Studying biomes – Brigitta Varga

Mapping the wild side of London – Kabir Kaul

Teach the Future: students campaigning for curriculum change – Isobel Cammish, Patrick Kirwan, Rachel Musson

The impact of nature on children’s wellbeing – Richard Sheldrake, Michael Reiss

Dartmoor National Park: connecting young people to nature – Orlando Rutter

The Schools on Reserves project – Mary Scott

Bringing science in schools to life – Jenny Tse-Leon

Philosophy for Children (P4C) ‘in’, ‘through’, ‘about’ and ‘using’ the outdoors – Gina Parker (Mullarkey)

Philosophers’ Backpack: an ethical tool for ethical thinking – Jane Yates

Taking environmental education to a mainstream audience – Trewin Restorick

Eco Film Awards – The Council of British International Schools

The life of a wildlife vet Kate Church

Working to save the magnificent albatross – Nina da Rocha

CapeNature WIL internships: a walk on the wild side – Paul Lawrence

A local food market as a learning ecology for co-creating sustainability – Yaz Brien


The journal is now on-line, but you have to be an NAEE member to get access to it for the next 6 months, after which it will be freely available.  If you can’t wait, you can join NAEE here.  It’s a bargain – and you’ll be helping us support schools, teachers and young people.

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