Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril is a new book from Trinity University Press.

It contains eighty essays from theologians, naturalists, scientists, politicians, business leaders, activists, and writers each of which examines why it’s wrong “to wreck the world.”

The publishers say:
In the face of environmental degradation, species extinction, and climate change, scientific knowledge alone does not tell us what we ought to do. Nor can political processes or economic incentives give us all the answers. The missing premise of the argument and the much-needed centerpiece in the debate to date has been the need for ethical values, moral guidance,

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and principled reasons for doing the right thing for the future of our planet, its animals, its plants, and its people.

There’s also a website.

Not everyone will agree with one of the editors who says, in an on-line video:

We don’t have to change society; we have to change ourselves. And we have immediate and direct control over our actions.”

It seems naive in the extreme to think that either of these propositions is true.

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