ll-sea-coverThese visually delightful books are designed to be an individual’s ‘spot and learn, stick and play’ book.  The pages are of thick glossy wipe clean card, so would be suitable for taking out and about, however the beautiful illustrations give these publications a sense of being special and something to look after – I for one wouldn’t want to get them muddy or wet!  There are a total of 12 separate books in this set.  Here we visit just three.

Each book follows a similar format; the initial information pages describe a little about the habitat being discovered and introduce facts about the flora and fauna.  The following ‘easy to spot’ pages feature clear photographic images of natural things one would expect to find in that habitat, ready to be ticked off once spied.  The ‘harder to spot’ pages include some that would certainly be a challenge including some things I have never seen as a naturalist of over 40 years!

ll-farm-coverEach book within this series features a double fold-out page revealing a blank related landscape.  It also hosts 30 very attractive photographic stickers for the owner to re-create their own habitat, encouraging them to think about where each individual would naturally be found.

Whilst these books are intended for single use and designed for an individual, I can see how they could be used within a classroom to prompt discussion, with any great points raised being rewarded by being given a sticker to place on the habitat landscape.

Alternatively, these books would make a lovely prize/present for anyone between the ages of 5 – 10 who has an enthusiastic adult that could work with them in each environment.

Heatha Gregory

‘Let’s Look’ Series Caz Buckingham & Andrea Pinnington; Fine Feather Press, 2015; pp 18; £4.99 each; available from: sales@bouncemarketing.co.uk

header-autumn-2015Let’s Look on the Seashore (ISBN 978-1-908489-11-1)

Let’s Look on the Farm (ISBN 978-1-908489-12-8)

Let’s Look in Woods and Forests (ISBN 978-1-908489-14-2)


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