Today’s featured blog is that of the Green Schools Project.

You can see a short video here which explains what Green Schools is about.  There is a lot of emphasis on employment, green skills and leadership, and on student projects.  There’s less emphasis on the curriculum.  In fact, there’s none at all.  Just as there’s no mention of teachers [*].  It feels like a more focused Eco-schools.

The vision and mission of Green Schools are:

  • Vision

Every school in the UK is a model of sustainability, developing young people that live in an environmentally responsible way and help to drive the transition to a sustainable society.

  • Mission

To enable young people to fulfil their potential by providing resources and support to schools to engage them in environmental projects, building their skills and aspirations while encouraging them, their community and wider society to live in a more sustainable way.

If you click here, you will find some schools-in-action case studies to illustrate what goes on.  NAEE Board member, Morgan Phillips is a member of the Green Schools advisory board.


[*] The Skinners Academy video does show an involved teacher.

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