Getting Connected to Nature is the theme of the 2016 Nature Connections conference in Derby next month.  You’ll find the draft programme here.

The core themes of the conference are improving links between research, policy and practice through the latest research and perspectives on

[i] the benefits of a connection with nature,

[ii] getting connected to nature and

[iii] engaging people.

The keynote speaker is Tony Juniper, with other inputs from Ben Wheeler, Senior Research Fellow at Exeter, and Jo Bell, poet and arts advocate, former Canal Laureate for the UK.  There are other very familiar names in the list of contributors, and the themes being discussed are pertinent to both research and practice.

It looks like a very full day, and we hope that there will be time for discussion as well as inputs by experts.  In one of his recent blog posts, we note that our President is not so sure there will be.

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