The GA has published a case study page with a summary of the recent New Zealand earthquake, with personal accountslinks to further information, video clips and enquiry questions.

Here are the links …

Initial earthquake damage and response

New Zealand earthquake latest: Two confirmed dead after 7.8 magnitude tremors on South Island – includes gallery and video clip, Independent.

New Zealand earthquake: Two dead following powerful tremor – includes photos of the damage and maps, BBC.

‘Utter devastation’ after major quake, aftershocks hit New Zealand – includes a video showing the damage, Reuters.

New Zealand earthquake triggers tsunami up to 15ft high – includes evacuation zone maps, government advice to residents, Metro.

Live: 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes near Hanmer Springs in South Island – two killed, Kaikoura isolated, Wellington CBD damaged – includes videos, photos and facts and figures, New Zealand Herald.

Earthquake: Two die after massive tremors – includes video of Prime Minister John Key media conference, Radio New Zealand.


Aftershocks and secondary impacts

The aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude quake so far – earthquake timeline showing local impacts, and photos and tweets, Radio New Zealand.

‘Like living on a waking dragon’: New Zealanders count cost of earthquake, The Guardian.

New Zealand: Dozens of aftershocks follow deadly earthquakeCNN.

NZ earthquake: what you need to know – facts and figures about the earthquake and the damage caused, New Zealand Herald.

Earthquake: In picturesRadio New Zealand.

‘Kiwis are a unique type of tough’: a note from GeoNet’s director on responding to the monster quake, The Spinoff.

Bad weather follows New Zealand’s 7.5 magnitude quakeRadio New Zealand.


Geological explanations

How did New Zealand’s earthquake happen? Was it two quakes in one? The Guardian.

Christchurch Quake Map – Models and information showing the frequency of all earthquakes that have struck Christchurch, useful for mapping the exact localities of the quakes, Christchurch Quake Map.

This stunning map shows that six faults – at least six – ruptured in the big Kaikoura quake, The Spinoff.

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