Environmental Worldviews – a historical approach is a book by Richard Jurin with contributions from John Disinger, Clay Schoenfeld and Jennifer Tomsen which will be published by Kendall Hunt in 2016.

This, then, is not so much a review as an alert.  The key idea behind the book is that human–environment relationships are the result of the interactions of people with one another and with the environment, and, therefore, are largely determined by the environmental worldviews that we hold.  Such worldview, however, have proved to be neither static nor consistent, and we have never settled on an agreed worldview.  An exploration of such issues is the focus of this book.

Such issues are clearly important to us all, and we shall be reviewing the book when it is published.

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  1. Came across this recently, having been forgotten during the interim. Jurin pulled the book from the publisher after having 4 years of run around about getting it printed in either print or online. There is no scheduled date for a publish at this time. The book, should anyone be interested, can be viewed by emailing Richard Jurin at richardjurin@gmail.com

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