Picture11Dragonflies are rock and roll insects,” states Nick Baker in the foreword.  They are high energy aerial predators that have the raptorial appeal of birds of prey and the grace, agility and vibrancy of butterflies.  They inhabit just about anywhere and everywhere connected to water.  Did you know there are 56 species?  The high quality photos and detailed and accurate drawings, alongside clean and colourful charts, take this from a ‘could have been boring’ text to a very easy to read yet handy resource.

Picture6Covering everything from biology, ecology, habitats, and photography, to the actual ID sections with tips on how to see them in the wild, this guide really does encourage you to get outside and close to nature.

The authors are experts with connections to the British Dragonfly Society.  Highly recommended for any wildlife enthusiast, naturalist or school library.

Henricus Peters


Britain’s Dragonflies: a field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland Dave Smallshire and Andy Swash; ISBN: 978-0-691-16123-5; Wildguides, Princeton University Press, 2014

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