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This is a link to an open letter to the HE sector about the climate crisis.  This is how it begins:

Dear Vice-Chancellors, UUK and UKRI,

“Humanity stands at the brink of a precipice. If we do not urgently address climate breakdown and the ecological crisis, the very future of life on earth is in question. David Attenborough has said, ‘We cannot be radical enough’ in tackling the climate crisis, and the people are listening. Universities aren’t the bastions of wisdom and knowledge that are urgently needed to combat the climate crisis.  Now is the time to increase our efforts.

The crisis is at our doorstep

The impacts of climate change are being felt more rapidly than predicted, with Himalayan glaciers melting twice as fast as expected and the Arctic warming to a full 4°C above average. Thawing permafrost soil is releasing unprecedented amounts of methane and CO2 into the atmosphere. 2018 was the world’s 4th hottest year on record. As the UN warns that climate crisis related disasters are happening at a rate of one a week, the risk we face is that impacts may soon run away from us with changes too swift and unpredictable to mitigate. 

It ends: “We need to be leaders. We need to transform our universities into action-oriented institutions.  Please help us make this possible.”  You can add your signature by emailing: email at  


Its World Rivers Day on September 22nd.   This is a celebration of the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values of our rivers, strives to increase public awareness, and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world.  Rivers in virtually every country face an array of threats, and only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead.  More details here. 



Anna Krzywoszynska, Faculty Research Fellow in Geography at the University of Sheffield is looking for books, papers and other readings which discuss the agronomic understanding of soils, especially the success of the chemical perspective on soils (NPK).  She can be contacted at 


London’s NHM has a story about a new dinosaur discovered in its collection of skulls and bones.  A case of prior misidentification it seems. 


Nespresso is turning coffee capsules into designer bikes in collaboration with Sweden’s Velosophy.  The initiative is termed RE:CYCLE and  1000 bikes are now available from Vélosophy’s ecommerce platform.   The scheme is designed to illustrate the potential of recyclable aluminium and motivate Nespresso fans to recycle their capsules.  There’s more detail here. 


Natural England is running a a one-day workshop on bringing soil to life to life on 11th October at Yatesbury House Farm near Calne in Wiltshire.  This one-day event, comprising presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations, aims to share experience and expertise in communicating soil biology. The event will provide opportunities for networking and help to inspire and educate science communicators to engage audiences with the world of soil biology.  More detail and tickets here.

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