Acorn Ecology has some eco-training news.  Click here for a list of ecology courses that include:

Badger Ecology and Surveying—Guildford Friday 17th March

Otter Ecology and Surveying – Exeter Monday 20th March

Phase 1 Habitat Survey – Guildford Wednesday 19th April

Bat Ecology and Surveying—Exeter Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th April

Bat Sound Analysis Using Analook—Exeter Wednesday 26th April

Dormouse Ecology and Surveying—Exeter Tuesday 2nd May

Bird Survey Techniques – Exeter Wednesday 3rd May

Great Crested Newt Ecology & Surveying—Surrey Tues 16th & Wed 17th May

Great Crested Newt Ecology & Surveying—Dorset Wednesday 10th May

Phase 1 Habitat Survey – Bristol Monday 22nd May

Ecological Survey Techniques—Exeter Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th June

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