A Year Around the Great Oak is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book telling the story of two children, Benjamin and Anna, who visit their forester uncle through the year.

The story tracks the cycle through the seasons of a three hundred year old oak tree and the children’s relationship with it through the year, as well as the part it plays in providing a habitat for wildlife. In this book children will discover more about the seasons and many of the wild animals which live in a woodland habitat, all through the medium of a gently engaging story which would leave any child keen to find their own favourite tree.

This book is a must for every child’s library and for any teacher looking for fictional works to support environmental education in the early years and key stage 1.

Philippa Riste 

A Year Around the Great Oak. Gerda Muller; ISBN: 978-086315-946-6; Floris Books, 2013; pp 28; £10.99.


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