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December 16th 2019

By | December 15th, 2019|Webwatch|

David Bellamy, who was NAEE President for many years, died last Wednesday.  He was a good fit with NAEE because of his interest in promoting environmental issues and educating (in the broadest sense) people about them, including through television (particularly ITV beginning in the late 1970s).  He was ahead of his time in this given that [...]

Year 6 classes visit Martineau Gardens

By | December 10th, 2019|Environmental Education Feature|

Tabassum Fatima, Chloe Mason, Katy Harley & Sophie Steadman write about their schools' visits to Martineau Gardens which was funded by a Kenrick bursary from NAEE. The itinerary lived up to its promise of delivering a well-rounded experience of the botanical and zoological aspects of the year 6 curriculum.  The visual aids and use of the [...]

The latest from Natural England

By | December 9th, 2019|Blog|

Here's a recent round up from Natural England of recent evidence and reports, policy agenda developments, large scale delivery sector initiatives, resources and news items from the UK and abroad.  This supports the Strategic Research Network for People and Nature to develop better coherence and collaboration in research and to improve links between research, policy and [...]

December 9th 2019

By | December 9th, 2019|Webwatch|

NAEE's latest journal is now on the members' page of the website.  Vol 122 was published in conjunction with the London Environmental Educators’ Forum [ LEEF ] with a focus on urban environmental & sustainability education.  In addition to the usual features, its contents included: Urban environmental & sustainability education as a space for social connections [...]

Resurrection Trust

By | December 3rd, 2019|Book Review|

Resurrection Trust is a book of “funny, dark, mad, bad, upbeat, downbeat and fantastical short stories about living sustainably”. They arose from the University of Southampton's Green Stories writing competition.   The editor, Amanda Saint, says that the stories “showcase a myriad of different ideas about how humans can live more harmoniously with nature, and each [...]

COP 25 in Madrid

By | December 2nd, 2019|Blog|

As we noted last week, The Economist has a new fortnightly summary of climate change issues.  Its first edition focused on the annual UN climate talks now being in Madrid. These are a prelude to next year’s COP26 in Glasgow when the nearly 200 countries that signed up to the Paris agreement in 2015 are expected to commit [...]

December 2nd 2019

By | December 1st, 2019|Webwatch|

Teach the Future has done an analysis of the election manifestos published so far.  Although there are few surprises, it would be an interesting exercise for older students to compare TTF's analysis with their own readings of the huge number of promises being made.  ∫∫∫ . Meanwhile the European Parliament has declared a climate emergency and called [...]