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240x4009780711236615The Meeks took 2014-2015 as a family year out of formal education and work to travel round Britain in search of adventure.  This book of 100 ideas and activities to get you venturing outside and beyond your comfort zone with your nearest and dearest is the result.  Fun and motivating, each double page spread boasts contributions from each member of the Meek family, from the parents’ summary of the proposed adventure, through Amy’s suggestions of songs and games to play, to Ella’s very witty topical jokes.

For a family already keen on time outdoors some adventures (cooking on a fire, building a den) might seem fairly obvious choices, but more creative ideas abound as well: travelling the length of a river from source to mouth; going without electricity for 24 hours; having a ‘green’ day; tracking and casting animal footprints; and letting the children plan an adventure themselves.

The book is aimed at inspiring and furnishing ideas rather than providing detailed how-tos, and inevitably in a book full of so many ideas there is some repetition and overlap, but as a gift for a family wanting to have more ‘green time’ and less ‘screen time’, this book is ideal.

Philippa Riste

100 Family Adventures – Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella Meek; ISBN: 978-0711236615; Frances Lincoln Ltd., 2015; pp 219; £14.99

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